Ethiopia trip

Posted: 19 January 2009

In early January 2009 Claire & Graeme travelled to Ethiopia to assess the current podoconisis situation and to plan how best to distribute the funds raised to date. A newsletter describing this trip is available.

Continuing Medical Education Forum for Regional Dermatology

Posted: 28 January 2009

This conference was held in January 2009 at The Training Centre, Moshi in Tanzania. Claire presented a paper entitled “An Update on Podoconiosis”. Also, while at the conference she made a useful link with Proctor & Gamble who are keen to be involved in the provision of clean water via their new free product PUR.

Running for Mossy Foot

Posted: 24 February 2009

Long distance running is a huge sport in East Africa: between 1960 and 2008, 6 out of the 13 winners in the men's Olympic Marathon have been African.

This year, 34,000 athletes joined in the Great Ethiopian Run, including runners from the Serpentine Running Club in London many of whom were raising money for Mossy Foot UK.

Talk leads to useful links

Posted: 5 May 2009

A lecture given by Dr Claire Fuller to the Anglo Ethiopian Society at the School of Oriental and African Studies (SOAS) has led to exciting links in other parts of Ethiopia. A report on the talk is available here.

Progress in Soddo

Posted: 3 March 2009

Mossy Foot UK has received monies from DNA Genotek Inc for bandages for the patients attending the treatment clinic supported by Mossy Foot UK in Soddo, Ethiopia. This was enabled through a research link looking at the genetics of podo undertaken by Gail Davey and Melanie Newport.

PLOS Neglected tropical diseases publishes on podoconiosis

Posted 15 May 2009

Dr Gail Davey and Emily Burridge publish in this on line peer reviewed open access journal on the work of The Mossy Foot Treatment and Prevention Association in Soddo Ethiopia as an example of a Community Based Control Programme

Toms Shoes

Posted: 12 August 2009

Toms Shoes is a highly successful footwear business ... Podo is now one of Toms Shoes projects: to get all at risk children into shoes to prevent the disease even starting.

Community-Based Control of a Neglected Tropical Disease: The Mossy Foot Treatment and Prevention Association

Posted: 27 May 2009

Dr Gail Davey is co-author with Emily Burridge of an open-access article on recent news from The Mossy Foot Treatment and Prevention Association (MFTPA) which is an Ethiopian non-governmental organization founded in 1998 and one of the partners we are working with. Further information and articles are available from the National Center for Biotechnology Information (NCBI).


Posted: 3 September 2009

Microfinance projects for 200 female podo patients is the next plan and now we have sent funding for this to start.

Meskele writes "the vocational trainings are already organized, even at this time the hairdressing training of 20 podo girls is already going on with the money you have sent last time, and we have already selected other 20 podo young men for haircut training and waiting for funds”.

Financial News 

Posted: 11 November 2009 

In our first year our turnover was marginally under £10,000 and so we registered with the Charitiy Commission. We will be required to file our first return with the commission at end of August 2010. Now part way through our second year our turnover has already exceeded our first year total – so we are encouraged!

Dermatological Care For All: Common Diseases for Neglected People

Posted: 9 December 2009

This ISD Regional Meeting for Addis Ababa-Mekele took place in November 2009. Claire attended and has secured an opportunity to present on Podoconiosis in 2010 and made useful contacts on this trip with Dr Larry Thomas and his Tropical Health Alliance Foundation who plan to set up a Podoconiosis care project in Western Ethiopia and will obtain training and support from MFTPA in Soddo.