Vocational training

Posted: 19 March 2010

We have received details of how Mossy Foot UK funds have been spent in the Vocational Training & Rehabilitation element of the Soddo programme.

39 recovering podo patients have been trained in hairdressing and 19 in barbering. They have been provided with full working tools and starter kits of consumables and are now in business. The funding has been US$ 6,011.30 and US$ 3,300.09 respectively.

dr fuller talks to cardiff dermatologists about podoconiosis

Posted: 26 May 2010

Dr Fuller is invited as guest speaker at the University of Wales Department of Dermatology Monthly Regional Educational Meeting where she talked about Mossy Foot, the current scientific understanding of the causes of the condition and the Community based treatment programme underway in Southern Ethiopia


Posted: 20 July 2010

68 mature female recovering podo patients have been provided with an interest-free microfinance loan to support a variety of business endeavours, which seems to have been very effective. Total Mossy Foot UK expenditure on the loans so far is US$ 4,474.94.

mossy foot uk submits its annual return to charity commission

Posted: 20 August 2010

We have been encouraged that in our second year our donations have doubled from just under £10,000 to just under £20,000. we have been able to provide grants to Mossy Foot Treatment and Patient Association of £17500.

thames hare & hounds

Posted: 16 October  2010

One of the oldest running clubs in the world  is supporting Mossy Foot UK.


mossy foot presented at european academy of dermatovenereology, gothenburg

Posted: 10 October  2010

Effectiveness of a simple lymphoedema treatment regimen in podoconiosis management in Southern Ethiopia

C Sikorski , M Ashine, Z Zeleke and G Davey


pittards meet with mossy foot treatment and prevention association in ethiopia

Posted: 15 October  2010

Following a visit by Graeme to the Headquaters of this world class leather goods company who have a factory in Ethiopia,  Meskele has been able to meet with John Moriarty the raw materials purchasing director whilst he was visiting Ethiopia and discuss possible ways of working together.

Exciting times - watch this space


Dr Claire Fuller to ethiopia again....

Posted: 22 November  2010

Dr Fuller is given the opportunity to talk at this international conference in Addis on the work of MFTPA as an example of a cost effective community based programme robustly reviewed using WHO validated standards.

The conference was opened by H.H. Abuna Paulos, Patriarch of the Ethiopian Orthodox Tewahedo Church, which gave a focus and dignity to the proceedings.


professors ryan and matts accompany dr fuller to ethiopia and india

Posted: 22 November  2010

world renowned dermatologist Professor Terence Ryan and skin barrier expert research scientist Professor Paul Matts accompany Dr Claire Fuller to Soddo to visit the patients and staff at MFPTA. The new visitors are impressed by all that has been achieved.

The 3 then go onto Kasaragod, India to join Professor Peter Mortimer, international expert on lymphoedema in visiting with staff and other Indian experts in lymphatic filariasis (another common world wide cause of swollen legs) hosted by Dr Narahari and colleagues at the Institute of Applied Dermatology. Much learning and sharing is achieved and good ideas hatched up for future collaborative working.