podo in lights:  

Posted: March 2012

 HLA Class II Locus and Susceptibility to Podoconiosis 

Tekola Ayele F, Adeyemo A, Finan C, et al HLA Class II Locus and Susceptibility to Podoconiosis N Engl J Med 2012; 366:1200-1208 March 29, 2012

Well done to Fasil and colleagues for this significant piece of work published in a very prestigious journal.

good-bye meskele

Posted: April 2012

Dear Meskele Ashine died this month. He will be sorely missed by all of us who knew and worked with him and especially the podoconiosis patients he strove tirelessly to serve. Our thoughts are with his family and close friends.

We will keep his vision alive....


action on podoconiosis [apa] is up and running

Posted: May 2012

APA opens its first clinic site in Gama Gofa after obtaining its registration from Ethiopain Government in March 2012. They welcomed around 500 patients with podo for whom care and rehabilitation is now underway. www.actiononpodo.com


new podo clinic in durebete 

Posted: November 2012

podoconiosis patients establish thier own assocation and then manage thier members sending 20 new patients each week to the new clinic in the local health station run by the Ministry of Health nurse supported by Dr Wendemagegn, Dermatologist from University of Barhir Dar. A really encouraging new model.


footwork reflects

Posted: December 2012

Footwork, the international podoconiosis initiative, held its second meeting at the American Society of Tropical medicine and Hygiene in Atlanta. Key leaders in Neglected Tropical Diseases attended. Success was reflected upon, and future directions and strategies brainstormed to push us towards the goal of eradication of podoconiosis within our lifetime. www.podo.org