Graeme works as corporate lawyer for a highly regarded multinational business, and brings his legal and administrative expertise to Mossy Foot.

As treasurer, he is responsible for ensuring that the charity is run as efficiently as possible, with the maximum funding reaching the patients.


Claire is a consultant dermatologist who has developed a research interest in tropical dermatology and developing country medicine.

She has been involved in several charitable initiatives in East Africa but about 5 years ago visited the Mossy Foot treatment centre there as an evaluator for the British Embassy. She was so struck by the set-up, and encouraged by the initiative and drive of the locals who had established such a cost-effective model, that she decided to get more involved.

She is also contributing to an ongoing research programme (funded separately) trying to understand the disease better.

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Until recently Gail, a medical epidemiologist with primary care background, was based at Addis Ababa University, in the School of Public Health.

Over the last 8 years (together with a wonderful group of MPH, MSc and PhD students) she has taken forward a program of research into podoconiosis. During her sabbatical year, she took on the role of Addis Ababa representative of the Mossy Foot Treatment & Prevention Association, and with the support of the International Orthodox Christian Charities (IOCC) opened a small coordinating office.

After 9 years living in Ehtiopia she and her husband and two children have returned to the UK and she is now a Senior Clinical Research Fellow at the Brighton and Sussex Medical School

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